Saturday, August 05, 2006

And Saturdays

Like all good days, Saturday for me is extremely pleasant. Coming to office is a sheer formality. The work for the next week's issue shapes up on Monday, and I get to be a dreamer.
Didn't have many stories last Friday. But then I had to do an okay-sized article for the Roli Books on the history of Khan Market. You see its Khushwant Singh's Train To Pakistan' 50th anniversary. So fair as well. That's got done.
Thinking of writing a short story, beg some of the publishers I know to fit it in somewhere. Thinking of writing a book, but the plot seems to waver. And then have to read an uncountable number of books (before-I-die sorts).
The mad scientist left the building two days back. He had a showdown in little city. Apparently the editor coulnd't save him, so he had to leave. Mistakes I suppose everyone committs, although I don't encourage them, I don't think it should cost their life-jobs. I suppose everyone's saying there are too many mistakes happening in city. And well, the shit hit the fan and hit my only friend in city.
The thing I'll miss the most of the mad scientist is quietly sneaking down to the pasrking lot -- when days are fucked up or useless -- smokin', bitch about all the bitches and quirkies and head back to our respective departments. I worked with him for quite some while.
Anyway, he's joint Maxim -- that should be good. That's where one of my oldest and most genuine friend Armchair Thinker works. He has to head out of town soon though, but I think its all cool.
So long as its cool. Meanwhile, I'm working on findin myself a decent chick. One that I can chill with. Life gets quite monotonous. You know: working day after day. Not thinkin about the bed much. Sometimes the alcohol.
But my idea of chilin is changin, I don't like going to clubs. The music is pathetic and I don't see any love there. Cheers!


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