Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's 3.30am and I thought I might as well give my two bits before I lose myself to the realm of dreamw and lose you forever. It is often so easy to say the simplest things to you in my garbled ways -- and know that you would only say the same. And never change, like a photograph.

So I thought I should say I'm well. Not doing too bad, but only robbed of being very clever. But as long as you know I'm trying. Trying to let you know that I'm there, in my own ways, and not saying goodbye, not in that farwell way. The only way I know they always say and never pick up another thought.

Why is it so sweet? Your thoughts confused with mine, and yet I don't even know you as well as some of your favourites. It's like everything is illuminated for this one mone. Just you and me. And we can never be together, but can we?


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