Monday, August 07, 2006

Just as well

Oh well, its a bluesy Monday morning. Its been intesnified because the weekend has been full of booze and blues. Just perfect. It was my cousins birthday on Saturday evening, chilled out with his friends. Despite listening to some horrible music in the beginning, watching drunken youth dancin away on it, in the end I heard some Neil Diamond on the someones iPod, and I got to speak to a cute recently-cleared Stephanian chick. Who I fell heel over head and head over heel. But still the brew flowed like a river, and speaking to some serious people about books got everything running.
Sunday evening, the Saturday Night Blues Band pefromed. Couldn't have been better, as the Cal band got Lou Majaw (from Shillong) and Lew Hilt of HFT to come and jam with them. Although the crowd was a bit wonky, the music was real classic honky-tonk.
Met one of the cutest publishers, someone I know, there. And just like before was head-over-heels for her too. You get my point right: if you're not in love, the idea seems swell. And sometimes there're some real beauties on planet Earth that you get to meet over wine, cheese and Leonard Cohen.
Vasant Vihar's becomin shady, as much as I hate to admit it. I enjoy the notoriety, but then if you see sleaziness then its a real turn off.
Was sittin with Mr rock 'n' Circus, in his office, which is a little further away from where I sit. Over my much-panted-cigarette I read this book lying on his table called A Swell Looking Babe by the American writer Jim Thompson. I've read one book of his before, to know he's exremely cool.
Mr R'n'R Circus is over with his book. I know it'll be a real seller this time. It ought to be. He's worked hard on this, and plus its his third now.
Roli's asked me to add a couple of things more. will have to do it now. Although my thrill for the damn thing is expiring, and I'mw aiting for the check which I'll spend on the good-things-of-life sort of thing.
Rest as well, the damn sub is looking at me. To think for ideas. Oh lord, I forgot its a fuckin Monday.


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