Friday, March 16, 2007

To be, or maybe

It’s difficult perhaps dear readers to call myself a stoner – perhaps since I’m not devoted enough to the art or the act so entirely; so kindly; so blatantly – I can’t even say it out all aloud that I am one. I wouldn’t like to call my self one – not that I would like to conceal this part of my identity, it’s just that I wouldn’t want to be labelled. Now if you are an asshole, you wouldn’t like to be called one, would you? The fact that everyone is an asshole is a separate issue. The larger truth is that I’m not hooked on to it, to which I’m very glad about (I just don’t wear a medal like some activists do), and I smoke very occasionally. It comes to me on its own accord, I rarely chase it, and when it comes the paradise that then opens is bliss, when it closes its like what it is now. There are also those who say they are ‘occasional cigarette smokers’ but they are the real guys who run a sham, don't trust em.
My very eyes give away – and even if I had never touched the darn blessed plant ever in my life, dear brothers, I still would’ve been called the fated name – and it’s more terrible because the name doesn’t stir any emotion in me. It’s an amoral substance. It’s just my languid fashion and coolness (I know I’m modest) that gets critiqued.
I’ve enjoyed it whenever I’ve sinned it; The Dude and Pirate are great friends, who in this despicable time and age have found some very sounding and convincing reasons to make this unfortunate hell a bit, er perhaps, humbler, if not to say the least.
For a stoner has principles – you have to agree sweetheart – the stoner community has unspoken laws that functioning sincerely – and it runs so splendidly in cities, that perhaps mafias could take in classroom lessons. If the mafias do work it, then it’s entirely on the stoners that they prosper. When you hear that fields of marijuana has been burnt then its some stoner who has fucked up, gone and poked his dirty finger up some legal issue. But a stoner maybe a stoner, but a stoner is not stupid – this you have to understand and understand very well. Now there are some moral elocutionists who would argue that the reasons why some get stoned are stupid. Trust me, the entire debate is a bit stupid, why would you want to get into it? People sometimes ask me, and well-meaning people, so why do you smoke? And there you have it; there are no reasons of course. But that’s not how I tell them, but I wouldn’t tell you how I tell em.
And you well might find some, pretentious sods, who will look straight into that whisky line when the glass is slanted in such an angle to the light, that remarkable colour mesmerising their eye, while they bow their heads and so humbly in a Victorian fashion and declare: stuff isn’t bad dude, it gets you smarter.
Trust me: even they don’t know what they are saying.
The easiest thing to do is when you get a j passed to you: smoke it. If you don’t want to: you pass it to someone else who is a bit keener than you. You don’t tell them that it’s incorrect, everyone knows it. It’s a bit of suicidal intent that everyone has to do fucking harm to themselves, and if that's not clear: they do it to chill. You can die from cancer or get killed in an airplane or in a car crash. You don’t go around telling people not to go on the roads or take a flight, do you cause you feel its incorrect?There are some, I would like to abuse them, yes I really do, but I’m polite, you of course know it, and if you don’t you must know it now, and if you don’t really care – neither do I. Who think that smoking up is cool. You must know: they also think rapes and assholes are cool. They at most times don’t know how to smoke it, even if they do, they fib till the end of the universe and back, that they saw purple monkeys and Indian Airlines air hostesses flying in a jungle. When you hear them, you know, what I know, but we don’t say it. We shrug our shoulders and say: cool.


Blogger Steamroller said...

When you hear them, you know, what I know, but we don’t say it. We shrug our shoulders and say: cool.

Swear by the principles hey :))

11:33 AM, March 17, 2007  
Blogger J said...

Tell me how you tell them. And it's not because I want a cool answer to tell them when they ask me. Sometimes I'm asked why I don't. And that's how it all started. Ah, I'm just doing it to look 'cool'.

4:56 PM, March 17, 2007  
Blogger moonstruck maniac said...

Cool!!! :P

5:05 PM, March 17, 2007  
Blogger Snake Anthony said...

Well said. The funny thing about the whole labelling business altogether is that it starts with people wanting to put you in little box with key words (stoner, achiever, stuck up, vela etc.) on them and there is a corresponding image in their minds. If you don't conform to those images, you are scrutinised. Best to take the scrutiny as a compliment.

1:29 AM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger jerry said...

steamroller: :)

j: Well since smoking up is to feel chilled a bit, it really depends with people. Now agreeably its not everyone's idea of chillin, its a matter of choice. So you just say, naa I'm doing good.

maniac: cheers!

snake anthony: Now you've just talked about smething I would've liked to write about. Something in another post. Its very true, it happens a lot. It gets sucky.

2:31 PM, March 21, 2007  

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