Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Life lately has been slightly confusing but better. It was pretty low last month. But now at least the thoughts are settling in like cobwebs. I didn't really fuck up I suppose with what I did. I could've bottled up things -- and I thought leaving would've been easier -- but things slowly turned. I suppose turned for the ok.
The weather in the city has been intolerable. I have a cold to make matters more unpleasant. One of my closest school friend is in town, he's just got through Oxford. I have started to write my essays and hopefully in some months I'll catapult from this desolated city of love and squalor.
And in these strange times, I'm losing and gaining friends. The trouble is one gets so emotionally bankrupt and smitten with smite, that you lose people as you make your entrants into the strangest parts of paradise -- and you get old.
Work sometimes gets fascinatingly slow like the net here. The people are all right. I have neither bad things or particularly good things either to say. Besides, I now realise how impersonal print actually gets to tv.
Jo has become my a pretty close friend. In the sense that I hang out with him all the time -- he's been a bit frustrated with the trade. Sometimes Russled catches up -- but mostly it's just Jo. We've watched all the Californication. The second season should be out soon. And he got me some South Park.
I miss the old lot. Sometimes they make random scenes and I get to catch up. They all look happy but are actually all underslept and basically kind. I suppose the hours kill them a lot. Here I shall stop.
Otherwise, my place is well. Rolling and Tumbling end up trashing the fish bowl. But I seem to be getting good at cleaning them up. I feel sort of relieved that they've lived on. I mean I thought gold fish would just die on me. But it's been more than two months and I feel sort of glad.
Headaches and wedding cakes -- they sort of rhyme. This post was to basically catch up. So that you lot, whoever you are, known and unknown, know the faintest picture.


Blogger Perakath said...

Better faint than never.

7:32 PM, September 03, 2008  

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