Friday, January 23, 2009

Too many loose ends. Torn cigarette packets. The Clash's I Fought the Law. Soul of beer bottles. Simon Gray's The Smoking Diaries. Two spliff ends. A one-legged lamp with a tipped shade. Drifting dust. A turquoise carpet. Broken spectacles. Listless staircases. Forgotten bills. TV show seasons. Sighing curtains. Burning angst of poets in a wastepaper basket. Cobweb dreams. Curls of smoke. Surly fridge. A straight moody road. Mirror and death. Boredom. Coca Cola walks at midnight. A twitching left-cheek. Cryptic mobile messages with a smiling face. Darkness wrapped in chocolate. Cindrella's wet dreams. Lynchian irony. The Master's guileless Margarita. Rolling Stone tshirt. Gurgle of an empty shaft. The pounding of one floor above. Crime and police torture. Electric madness and job interviews. Circles and squares of definition. Burnt or soggy food. Stolen wine glasses. Shit, fan and fly squatter and a nail cutter. Blood and clogged arteries. Leonard Cohen sniffing a skirt. News blogs. Endless Indian Express. Swollen will. Slit coats and hot rocks. Blocked nose, hurting back and the eternal flow of urine. Loss of science. Weapons of mass domestication. Obama. Apocalypse. TS Eliot whisperings. Hemingway's bullet. Dragons and drivels. Darkness and enchanted trees. Red lips. Golden apples. Seven dwarfs. Snow White. Grimm Brothers and war. Death of winter news. Death of summer and global warming. Pilate and Jesus arm wrestles. War, war and world peace. Wailing and howling dogs. Tears and terror, film and abuse. Beckett's pillow. Sadness and melancholy, Shakespearean. Fatwa and prissy prats. Prepare and prepare. Strong coffee and lemon tea. The raw beauty. Her eyes. Late night cries. Seasons of the witch. The Horror. The Horror.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A letter from you has reached me in a dream and in camouflaged words - we meet in English words and live in different political context - thanks to globalization?? - at least you write about your soul - I feel I am already in may grave - bold and blind eternity - signs and songs - one more cup of coffee and bob dylan - the stranger song -

10:54 PM, January 25, 2009  
Blogger ApocalypsE said...

one of the depressing posts I ve ever read...If thats what you intended, you did a pretty good job

10:41 AM, January 30, 2009  
Blogger Dr Filth said...

Apocalypse: Your name's pretty bleak, it's depressive...but what you read, depends on how you perceive it...

1:47 PM, January 30, 2009  
Blogger The Dude said...

how did it come to this? :D

3:12 PM, January 31, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey.. all right i hope?? will call you one of these days..right now i'm too busy hunting... haven't got the second kill yet..

9:56 AM, February 12, 2009  
Blogger The Fool said...

Self destruction, my friend, is a writer's best friend. Self pity, its pretty lady friend. But I don't think any introductions need to be made, I see you've already met.

4:39 PM, February 14, 2009  

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