Sunday, December 11, 2011

On being dumped

I had no intention or design to write or call again. Your message has left me broken much worse than quitting cigarettes. It has also broke some sense in me. I know I crossed the line with you. The mortification it's caused has been unimaginably excruciating.

I wish I were cleverer to have foreseen this, however one tends to lose one's wits and become foolishly optimistic when one's drunk on affection for the other. You would know this if you've ever felt it, even fleetingly for someone else. That's the way I have always behaved with you.

In all these months you've told me how uncool, closed and old you found me. I admit to evading reality and reason for feeling close to you. The impossibility has finally caught up with me. We were on the same page once. You closed the book on me. If you truly meant about still being a friend, forgive me.


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