Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life's a bitch (and we know it)

What would you do, when you see some of the coolest people at work asked to leave because they're cool, mavericks, eccentric, brilliant, intellectual, on their own trip and obviously don't give a shit about things and know how to enjoy life as it is. That's the feeling which that-fucked-up-Monday evening left me with. Anyway, I just wish it didn't happen so. I mean they're a lot of dorks (suck ups) who should be ask to head that way. But you know MANAGEMENT, its always the other way around.
Spoke to my editor, I think I woke her up. But since the matter of fact was eating me up, I just told her everything. She didn't know about it, but then since she's cool and very understanding -- its good to talk to her.
Got invited by a school-chick-friend of mine. Was quite surprised and overwhelmed at the same time to recieve her message. Her party's in some place in GK-11, will head out that way to see what its like. She's promised me that there will be some cute women there, and of course now, how can I not go and check things out for my self.
Otherwise, Its quite a boring day. Chatted with the mad scientist. He writes fuckin well, he's the Pirate. I get wonky at times when it comes to writing. All the other blogmates are slightly haughty lot, I fear to be cornered by them. Oh lord, I'm rushing off for a smoke.


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