Friday, September 22, 2006

Some of you may know that I went to Mayo College. Those who don't know whether I went there or what it is; well, its a boarding school in Rajasthan, in the town Ajmer built in the colonial times by lord Mayo. The school spans a beautful untouched 350 acres, the main building is tall and handsome and each houses where we lodged were donated and built in the style for the princes of those provinces.
My folks, both from boarding school, were perticularly keen on sending me to one. I didn't mind the fact or resent it, I had heard too many good stories. There were friends in Del who felt that my folks didn't love me so they were sending me away. But that I knew was not the seen. Why would they hate me at the age of 14; I learnt the word fuck just then and I never told anyone I knew that; I wasn't shooting herion; and I was never the guy who was caught breaking glasses of neighbours or going around with 30 year-old women.
The coolest thing about going to Mayo was that I was the 5th generation from my family, what wasn't cool upon entering was that I found a handful of similar around. The school was filled with Rajputs, so was I but then I was a little different: I couldn't help it, I like the school library.
The other good thing was that each morning at the assembly, I would see at the huge portrait (among the twenty of them) of my great-great grandfather with a sword. Strangely, those were the times that would make me home-sick a lot.
Spent a fuck load of time there. Made few good friends. The school went through a whole lot of changes during my time, got my ass kicked a lot by seniors. Seniors would make us run around the school (remember the school is big), running for odd favours for them. There were work-outs, cross-country and games that would fuck you up.
I had my first real binge of booze, which was basically drinking straight vodka and Sprite from a water jug. I picked up smoking and once had a first try of a chillum in Pushkar got smacked out of my head and somehow made it back. Broke bounds sometimes, but I didn't too many. The House's guard, a lunatic, would get us some grub from outside. Had my first make out, which (okay, don't laugh) was on a train from Ajmer to Delhi.
Now its been -- what -- 2 years out of it. Two years out of a regime of waking 5 in the morning with a ring of the bell to 10 at night. Each and every move of yours managed and regulated by bells and authority. With getting my ass kicked over and over again, cause I took myself too seriously. Today, its sort of a love-hate thing with the school.
I'd hate to go back alone. Too many memories each good one shadowed by a dark one. i don't have to go back. Few friends I gained scattered in the world. Now its even difficult to relate to them. I wrote this perhaps cause was gettin mellow and nothing more. Its a fucked up place and at the same time I found life in pieces of paper and ink.


Blogger moonstruck maniac said...

hey jerry.
want to come for the moondance fest or the fair this november. it has been long since i went to mayo too, never studied there but had friends ffrom that school, and pushkar.
what year did you pass out from mayo

5:07 PM, September 27, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

2004 dude! May not man, work's won't allow it, and I just don't want to go that side!

5:25 PM, September 27, 2006  

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