Saturday, September 16, 2006

In the madness of Soho

Thursday night couldn't have been better. Truly, one of the best things you find about this City is that you find all the right minded folks in the right place.Three bands were upto work: Soap, Menwhopause and Parikrama. I got ripped off by the bar guy, the fucker overcharged me a bitch. The music was brilliant: Soap played the blues and so bloody well. They got this guy from the audience to play the trumphet, and man did that guy know how to play. The band played some Stevie Ray, the vocals by Michelle were sounding better than what I had heard her sing somewhile back. Not to mention the harmonica which went bloody good with the music.
Menwhopause's is turnin' more grunge. They've lost all that rawness they had, and are belting out the sweetest trip you've ever taken off in a short while. Sarab was sounding better than usual, I think the band's short visit to the hills to crack their new album rubbed off well on them.
Parikrama from a change sounded better than recent times. When they played their original But It Rained , it felt like some other band was covering for them. They played some good set of rock n' rool and matched up the the perfectness of the first two band. Amaxing for a band for whom I lost good respect.
The Pirate was around, and I took huge gulps of his rum n' coke, met the city gang and took gulps of their whisky, and hap a couple of beers on mine, and it was good. Met a whole lot of people, don't know where they were coming and where they were going. But it was all good, just a spliff was needed. Left soon after. Had a tiring fucked up Friday. Mumbai issue spoilt it big time for me, taking my hungover mind to the moon and back. But then again it was all bloody good!
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