Saturday, February 09, 2008

Heard about Dr(?) Amit Kumar? Amusing. A year back the papers were talking about something similar: Moninder Singh Pandher and Surender Koli, an employer and a servant, which killed children and women; raped them, ate them, and after all that, cut them and left them in drains. This was the Nithari episode. And now the shift is on to a kidney racket, where a doctor and a team of his associates, duped people into kidney trafficking.
There's no end to deaths, rapes and murders in our lives. I remember there was a huge racket on the national highway 8, somewhile back. (For those who don't know, the NH8, seprates, Gurgaon and Delhi.) And a road that played a huge emphasis on making my life miserable at one major point.
Now people shifting between the two cities know that apart from buses, a huge number of people depend on cabs to hitch rides. These cabs are sometimes actually cabs, or BPO cars, which mint the extra buck by picking people and dropping them, on their rounds.
The whole racket opened up when the police caught a gang, alse around last year, that would kill people, look through their pockets, and throw their bodies out in the middle of the roads. When the police caught the gang, the gang actually confessed that they had lost count of the lives they had taken. From 20 bucks to 100 -- they would first kill and then know what loot they got.


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