Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good evening. I haven't hadn't an evening to myself since ages. So well I'm sitting here to write, while kake plays his Playstation 3 and Monkey Man comes back from work. You see the day started shit and is ending peacfully.
My sleeping style is exqusitely fucked. And I've been feeling lousy about age. But not in your way -- in a twisted way. It sort of works against me -- go figure it out, few people know who writes here.
Oh well some news on the work side -- the channel starts next week. And the way it looks to me -- man, they need to really think before the ship meets the iceberg.
But then I don't paid to think for them.
So I'm buzzin'. Bursting spit bubbles in my mouth, wondering what's it going to be then eh'?
Very little. It's spring. I hate holi - really. But spring is cool -- summers a bitch. The other day, I got hit by a water balloon. Now honestly, I've never been hit by one and it was sort of pissing off -- if ye know what I mean.
I was off to F&F to meet father -- and just I as got out of a narrow lane in GK, I get swacked by some shithead who needs counselling. Well, I told Eye, and she said she was havin her afternoon 'dwink' -- and I bet really fancied my grump.
Meanwhile Russled and Good girl have got together -- but there's a freak who sort of ruins it for him. And lately I'm attracting the rejects.
It's ok -- but it gets me thinking. Thinking about everything. Thinking that Skynard's Free Bird is a really cool song, and how that and Like A Rolling Stone can sound heavenly on an evening auto ride.
Like going to work would be Oasis' What's the Story (Morning Glory)...anyway, that's besides the fuckedupness. And yea notfirang is pretty cool -- she thinks she really bugs me -- but the secret is that I really find her cool.
I like the way Holden thinks sometimes.


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