Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh it's terrible writing here. It's my last few days at the rut -- and frankly I don't know why I'm still coming. They seem to have accepted, and come to terms with my announcement. I think my lot will miss me. We've cribbed for so long, I suppose this had to happen. I'm just taking a couple of days to wind up.
The desk seems to be thinning with people. Some more people are threatening to exhibit their frustrations, and also find an exit.
I'm on the morning -- and that's perhaps the best shift to have been on. In a few days it wouldn't even matter. A year back I had got the offer -- then last March things changed drastically. And I suppose that has been one of the biggest determinants of leaving.
I don't blame them, in this terrible corporate world -- such shit hits the fan. I don't know who flung it in the first place. But does it matter. Everyone's now in their respective corners, and each to their own.
But there's some stillness in this room while I write. There's a picture -- that collects the remnants of obscurity and turns it into some lesson. You can call it life or something textbookishly similar.


Blogger Sanu Nair said...

From past 2 weeks that I’ve been on the night shift, I had got used to seeing a heavy-eyed guy entering the office at 6 in the morning and give his trademark salute to one and all (I am talking about the 3 people on the shift). The first word that the guy (more famously known as ‘the guy who owns Incite-15’) used to utter was to ask me to step out for a glass of coffee, which incidentally he never drank completely. During those 15 minutes he used to sound like a retired Army General talking about the life bygone. But suddenly one day he got an offer to rejoin his band of brothers….. The tired eyes suddenly started glimmering with a light of re-discovered hope. The soothsayer suddenly made me feel that pens are not just for signing the attendance register of the Oliver Twist like workhouse.

Thank you….not just for your words of wisdom and the music on your Incite-15 but also for the innumerable breakfasts that I had from your ID.

6:36 AM, June 29, 2008  
Blogger SIM said...

Parting is always such sweet sorrow and goodbyes a melancholic melody. Since you parted ways from what you once loved doing last year and are now bidding farewell to a place you spent long and what seems like unbearable, ungodly hours in... Here's hoping you find what you are looking for that you missed out on. Cheers!

6:49 PM, June 29, 2008  

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