Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've realised that if you drink substantial amount of beer, and table hop in the beer joint, you not only realise that you get to meet a whole lot of people. But you also have a pretty decent head spin -- and have too many dog eared thoughts flitting in and out of your metaphysical self. Also if you eat South Indian food despite knowing that you will be having the same stuff for breakfast morning -- you're not only overdoing the facts -- but you're also living in a world of oblivion.
Somehow this tiny intriguing detail fits as a chip glass to my glass memory of last evening. This also stems some progress to my recently recovering life in Def Col -- and since my khopcha is the subject of curiosity I get visited. Which is fine, everything is decent.
Tomorrow's the Red Herring book launch, which means I have to shack up in the afternoon -- as discussed with Ami, we have to have a post-party. It was good to meet the crew from the old news rag. Ami and Sush, two extremely delightful people to have as company when your moind's resting on a sandy beach of consciousness, while the ebb and flow of beer caresses the shore. Sush was in an old element of hers, and it was fabulous apart from the tiny detail that she sent messages all over the world including Niv (or so she told me) that I had the hots for this Wild Child. And sent another to The Emperor asking him if he knew me. naturally he didn't reply.
Before that I was chilling with Eye and her friends, she was around this side of town, because the hours have really stretched for her this week at the rut.
Meanwhile, Mr Dead Flowers has introduced me to this really killer band, Black Keys. Since I've been pretty much out of listening to some new music -- this band is mind effing. They've been touted to be as good White Stripes, semi-indie, and know how to bend the strings when it comes to blues. He says he will drop in when he's around -- which will be damn cool.
Besides, all good.


Blogger whitelight said...

thanks dude. will surely drop by whenever i'm in delhi.

2:24 PM, May 27, 2008  

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