Monday, February 14, 2011

There's man in my head which is screaming for life. I have denied him his constitutional rights and he might take the matter up with UN. I have told in as many words that he may do whatever he pleases. In other words, fuck off.

There's been confusion unfolding in the past few pages. There's a new form of darkness that engulfs us, exposing our conflicted selves. We may have heard this song plenty of times. But tonight, the mood is different. For one, there no other people around. For another, we're trapped in a tower gazing at the broken moon reflected on the water.

What was it that made us write in the beginning. That simple feeling to articulate thoughts and images, hoping to search for a superior being hidden in us, deep below the layers of ego. That made us looking beyond the skies in search of a meaning.

Save us!
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