Saturday, March 29, 2008

Must Read:

Neil Strauss: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. (2005)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And sometimes you're in the midst of things -- and suddenly you aren't. Like I've been buggered with work all day -- I have even got fuckin classes -- and now we know the channel launches. Everyone seems hassled -- most of them realise they're being repositioned in a disadvantageous way -- and sort of dealt in a pathetic way. Frankly I've got nothing, so nothing really to lose.
But just been low on that whole account -- you're with a project from the rough start, and then you start to feel insignificant in a sort of way.
But then it's okay I guess, I just have to sort out my stuff. NF's out of town to cover some women's hockey -- Eye's been shifted to sports, and that's sort of sad for me, but I guess it gives her a lot to do. Russled seems to be a bit low, but then why's that always surprising. The rest are usually themselves -- we're all drifting, waiting for someone to come around and to turn it all around.
So my shifts are 12 hours long, and I guess drinking (whenever I can) is just a desperate plead to claim life.
I don't wish to cut a sorry figure, but well what do I care, I gotta a good crib. Besides nothing's really been up. I have nothing possible to ridicule -- and if I start talking about work in a negative sort of way. It just won't be cool.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I was conned dear brothers. That is if you saw me in that dismal colony in Noida on Saturday looking immaculately coloured and plastered, slightly buzzed with beer wondering how I landed here and why. I don't play the darn festival -- not since a kid -- but I like what you do on the side of it (hey not since a kid) -- and here it was crazy. But well here's the story.
On peacful Friday evening, me and Surd Man decided to pick up a couple of flicks. After an hour or so, I founnd Across the Universe, The Last Waltz and Shawshank (for NF)...and we decided to head to hit the bar, since we've got relatively little to do.
So TGIF it is -- everyone else seems sorta tied up: The Red Herring working, White Penguin dreamy and caught up.
After a whole couple of Ultimate LIITS, with our brains digressed to class 1, we sort of figure that gravity can be broken. It's like being on the sets of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
A few hours later, and Big Surd sort of puked his gutties out and crashed out, while I am hummin and drummin wonderin what we got to do. And then Mikka calls, says there's a party -- and since I haven't been meetin any new sorta lot we head to this seeminly ok soundin party.
The beer's definitly good -- and like Tropicana juice after my drunkeness. But it's all good. Till things gradually progress, and we decide to head. Somewhere along the night, I get lured into crashing at Mikka's, so I get kake to join us.
And somewhere around 4 am, and I come into sweet, cold, bare senses to realise -- what am I doing here, aren't these guys havin a holi party?
Nothing can be done. But the whole motley crowd that's landed up at her place are pretty enthused lot. I knew a few of them, but they were random acquaintences. But here they seem different, and they're dying to get pissed drunk on bhang and colour themselves to the point of looking like no ones.
The trouble is that bhang (marijuana of sorts with milk) tastes like shit, and I slug beer slyly. This being the first time that I've drunk beer so closely with drinking milk as almost as having it with milk. The trouble is that we're told the stuff hits you much later. (And going by last year standards, I know what that means.) So me and kake wait for it to come, he's younger and slightly more ambitious, and drinks a lot more than I can manage.
After a couple hours, we both look like shit -- he looks worse than me, and we're being taken home by 3 very kind people. It's just that one prick in the car makes us realise something. The stuff didn't work! I swear I thought I covered up for not having drunk milk for the last 3 years. But the prick is going delusional talking crap -- and making us realise that guy is basically an asshole and a prick. Besides it dawns on us -- that half the party was going pretty wild under the 'influence' while we were like 'hey, what's up'. But I realised something, if you want to know what's holi like, go for it, but with a friend but a complete stranger to the rest of the party. That way you don't get plastered -- or not that badly. Also be careful of what you drink -- sometimes it can be some real shitty tasting milk.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good evening. I haven't hadn't an evening to myself since ages. So well I'm sitting here to write, while kake plays his Playstation 3 and Monkey Man comes back from work. You see the day started shit and is ending peacfully.
My sleeping style is exqusitely fucked. And I've been feeling lousy about age. But not in your way -- in a twisted way. It sort of works against me -- go figure it out, few people know who writes here.
Oh well some news on the work side -- the channel starts next week. And the way it looks to me -- man, they need to really think before the ship meets the iceberg.
But then I don't paid to think for them.
So I'm buzzin'. Bursting spit bubbles in my mouth, wondering what's it going to be then eh'?
Very little. It's spring. I hate holi - really. But spring is cool -- summers a bitch. The other day, I got hit by a water balloon. Now honestly, I've never been hit by one and it was sort of pissing off -- if ye know what I mean.
I was off to F&F to meet father -- and just I as got out of a narrow lane in GK, I get swacked by some shithead who needs counselling. Well, I told Eye, and she said she was havin her afternoon 'dwink' -- and I bet really fancied my grump.
Meanwhile Russled and Good girl have got together -- but there's a freak who sort of ruins it for him. And lately I'm attracting the rejects.
It's ok -- but it gets me thinking. Thinking about everything. Thinking that Skynard's Free Bird is a really cool song, and how that and Like A Rolling Stone can sound heavenly on an evening auto ride.
Like going to work would be Oasis' What's the Story (Morning Glory)...anyway, that's besides the fuckedupness. And yea notfirang is pretty cool -- she thinks she really bugs me -- but the secret is that I really find her cool.
I like the way Holden thinks sometimes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well I haven't written for a bit. I was off to a family wedding -- my very first -- in Bhopal, a bit down under Delhi. I didn't get to see a lot of it -- we were put up in the venue it self, and the only bit of adventure I'd really have is where I'd find a safe spot to have a smoke and not gettin caught by family.
I can't say I didn't have fun -- I found some two or three cousins doing the same, and I got to figure we had a lot in common.
Apart from that -- the family in total was very cool. I got to meet some of the old uncles (who've been very senior political leaders) amd they really looked like mafia dons as they'd sip their bloody mary and then rest their heads dozing off on cane chairs in the afternoon -- while the functions carried on. And two or three kids running around hither and tither.
So the setting was fine -- and the two days got over as quickly as I could've guessed.
Eye wasn't well. I was extremely worried about her. She broke up and that pushed her further down. So she's been lost to the doldrums. I met her today after ages, she looked washed out -- the good thing is that she seems to be doing well now.
On Monday I picked up a couple of movies from good ol' 34 -- Perfume. Quite insane. Visually a strawberry cream tart. There's that one killer scene right in the end -- but I'd let you you to watch it first -- that blew me apart.
The movies in the kitty are -- Traffic, Mullholland Dr, No Country for Old Men, There Will be Blood, Sweeny Todd, Simple Blood which goes all into my collection.
But to watch them I need time. That I haven't got.
Notfirang continues to rip me apart -- but she's got style. If I know you personally, I'll point her out when we're (if we are) on air.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Another year come around. Another year to go around.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008

They're all lies. But they're all good lies.
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