Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm tired. Its definitely late. I wrote a long piece on why I find women obsessed with being fat and going on and on about it worse than they actually look. This whole I-only-drink-Diet-Coke, a big facade. Anyway, I gave good points. Talking about seeing women look ugly fitting their fat asses in tight jeans and women always pulling their dresses down. The fact of looking 'natural' turning into a big bullshit. Hey fems, I made sure I didn't sound sexist so I put in a word on metros-fags as well. And then it crashed, I had to run, run, run, but hey for what? Fuck, I went running to the MCD office to get an interview with a chap at their Malaria dept.
Sarkari (Govt) fucking-bloody office, the guy made me slurp some profoundly intoxicating tea, repeating every sentence rhetorically of no consequence, and finally after waiting for a fuckin' hour not being able to meet the guy I had come for. Was I pissed?
He kept saying wait for 20 minutes more. And what started from 2 minutes turned into one and half n' hour length of boredom and sypmtoms of death! Finally, I junked the story. The day was long, extremely. Yes there were factors again that were pissing me off, but then I shrugged them off. You see I'm a good guy. I only seem to crib here, but outside, in this very dark world, I keep quiet. Listen to how people rape my case and who those make it all okay. Goodnight, time to read...


Blogger simmi said...

To survived! Skaal!

2:20 AM, October 13, 2006  

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