Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ten things Delhi will never let you forget:

1) Never ever ask an Auto driver where he belongs from.

2) Never ask an old ancient of how the times used to be and how they are now.

3) Never get drunk and send SMSs to people however much you love or hate them.

4) Never ask a DJ in a pub to play your song.

5) Never ask a chick, who you fancy but do not know very well, out.

6) Never ever crack a weird one with a cop.

7) Never appear intelligent in a group of friends.

8) Never abuse loudly in a public space, someone is bound to take it personally.

9) Never ask for directions no matter how lost you are.

10) Never smoke a cigarette in a posh market-place, there's bound to be someone you know around.


Blogger moonstruck maniac said...

to the last one
it is so damn true that when ye r smokin in a posh place there is a person who wud least expect ye to smoke. and then they are like its okie kirit smoke smoke.

and never ask for directions this city never lets you forget the ordeal u then hav to go thru to get to yer place.

askin abd then and now of Delhi this one time i met this man who made me go through the history trip. the nostalgia turns out nauseating.

and then when i was surrounded by this group of drunk jaats coz i abused this auto wallah. half an hour of threats and i learn saari utar gayee be*****
Delhi belly

3:26 PM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol...i think u gave a very gud perspective abt delhi life to ppl who mayb unfamiliar. i've had good moments/experiences against the things u mentioned but then it's not been the case alwayz...

4:00 PM, October 10, 2006  

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