Friday, November 03, 2006

I find myself greatly absorbed when I read Indian women writing about sex. There's even a trifle of trepidation while reading them, sometimes its even embarassment I'm embarassed about. And before you start pointing fingers at me, and assume that I maybe a sexist of sorts here. I would like to say that I'm not one. I wouldn't want people to think of me as one.
What draws me to them is not for a perverse reason; if I was a honest voyeur I would have found many such reading material from the worlds of Cosmos to Porn sites -- blogging wouldn't even cross my mind.
So then what attracts me? I suppose, if I really come to come to think of it, its plainly to see women being expressive. Everyone here -- I assume -- would read anything that is largely honest, thought-provoking or something that relates to a consequence we relate to or understand, right?
Anyway, so when I read blogs of women (few I know; most I don't know) writing about what they really feel; forget sex even if its just an exhibition of feminism.
I end up truly supporting them.
It really upsets me to see women -- especially cause I live in Delhi -- often being confused for subjects of mindless joy. It happens everywhere really, I won't go into domestic violence and exactly equality issues, but I mean what I come across in open: from pubs to buses.
Most of my blog women friends, display a great natural skill of writing and use this medium to bring about their personal thoughts of matters that concern them deeply. I really find them hopelessly interesting.
There's even a great issue of mentality, which sickens me to real horror. I often end up blaming television for it, not entirely but largely. Now don't call me a prude or Sharmilla Tagore side-kick! I really don't mind the display of a proper sex scene in a movie (which I think will arive in 2030) or a bloody flavoured condom advertisment (can you beat that, saw it in the papers), but those senseless music vidoes of Hindi songs. With those item-numbers.
It has an audience that largely consists of senselss people. The video only manages to convince people that women showing even a bit of a skin, is like the slut on television. Hence, women of even the smallest fashion fall prey to them.
This is a long-talk anyway, will continue one-day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kudos jerry. i can understand wat u're talking about..especially since this country frowns at women who are brazenly open about sex and all matters related to it thereof. but we have a lot to say. keep reading.
p.s, i hope im one of those female bloggers whose observations u find interesting ;)

3:28 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger eM said...

thanks for this. made me feel a lot better, seeing as i've just been called "obscene and vulgar." by a woman at that.
some days this world makes me sick.

4:48 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

serendipity: yes you are amongst them.

eM: take care there, don't let stupid people get to you. what surprises me more is the fact that a woman had to say all this.

4:54 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger The Dude said...

sad but too tru my man, too true...
well, the upside (sort of) is that nothing stays the same forever, sooner or later somethings gotta give...

4:59 PM, November 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks da, for the show of support.

why did you let her affect you at all eM? i think you do a great service by being this honest, because it is a great feature of our lives and when it isn't we sit and yearn for it or buy batteries for the vib, so then why turn an oblivious eye to it? :)

7:53 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger my poetry journal said...

very the RSS project on sanskritising the lower castes!

8:22 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger clit.chatting said...

Hmm. What would be the verdict, for the lack of a better word, if an Indian woman were to ONLY write on sex? Would it be different if she were (to remain) anonymous? Do thoughts/reactions/posts change if she were known? Support is slow...a whole lot of readers dont leave comments: they dont want to accept they read you :) However, support when shown, is appreciated. and yet support is scary...its slotting... you know: The Indian Women Who Dare To Speak Out brigade. And this time instead of bra burning, we will wear genitalia showing leather-gear, tri-point stimulating vibrators on our heads and start naming our dildos. It's scary.

9:33 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

cc: I love the way you write, been also following your writing for a long time. You have a strong case that neither makes me feel any superior for what stand I take (I know the support is soft), and nor makes me unhappy; cause i feel that somewhere you do appreciate my point. But like I believe, I'm more happy to see you write this way whether you are the journalist I am aware of, or whether its name that reads 'Clit' (obscene when others say it aloud). Thank you for visiting.

9:56 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger clit.chatting said...

May we all shag in peace
Corollary: no one said you have to do it alone
ha ha! g'night

10:19 PM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

haha...which reminds me: 'Shaguar' in Austin Powers :)

10:22 PM, November 03, 2006  

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