Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not that I intend on becoming an Urban Development Minister or even a wedding planner for that matter, my hatred for Delhi roads will never seem to cease; but that apart -- there were some 30,000 wedding in the Capital last evening. Now knowing the city that even an impossible traffic jam can build up if one chap decides to park his car on the highway to take a leak -- everything seems so lucidly chaotic.
First I wondered how alarming a number it is to know that 60,000 (sex equally divided, I guess) will be tying the nupital knot. Then I fear about thinking of a time will come when I will have to be a part of this circus, and how embarassing it would be (getting married). And then -- oh man! -- just imagine knowing that a close to 60,000 people would be getting layed that same night. But that too apart -- I suppose, understanding of any self-deserving Dilli wedding, there have to be at least 500 families invited to each of them.
Just imagine how many cars would they be, 1,50,00,000? That's heck of a lot of cars, ain't it? But Delhi's roads don't mind, not only are they stubborn with the amount of piss pissed on them but they have also been abused for a bloody good time.
So while I was stuck outside TC heading to Saket for a bloody hour -- which is barely a 10 minute distance -- I looked about from that wonderful view from the auto at the endless list of cars. There were a couple of wedding cars -- they're the one's which have thousand flowers stuck on them with tape -- all honking. Which seemed a pretty site. See you're finally getting married, after all these years, and now you're on your way to a farmhouse to attend it, but you can't reach. Screwed and stranded, while your bride waits for you and all the uncles and aunts. Sheesh.


Blogger InExile said...

jerry should i send you some planet M vouchers... or some DVD;s.... or maybe some rum .... What happenend man ? december wintery gloom has descended upon thy blog !

7:52 PM, December 14, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

Dude, what's up? Its just the winter frills man. I'm good, just a little pissed off but I guess being hungover is something like that. Its not for too long though...

8:00 PM, December 14, 2006  
Blogger M said...

LOL...wonder where all the stats are coming from. That seems like a lot of ppl to be tying the knot on one single day in one city.

9:00 PM, December 14, 2006  
Blogger Field Commander M said...

it was 36,000 weddings actually. Though I suppose that they might have missed a few in the count.

I HATE weddings. They are embarassing and wasteful and drunk men propse to you because you look like their soulmate when they squint their left eye and turn their head all the way to the right.

IF you ever get married dude, spare us the dramatics and the traffic madness.


9:22 PM, December 14, 2006  
Blogger priya said...

Those stat' are little scary thou'. Hmm are you into that journey or waiting to go:-))

10:26 PM, December 14, 2006  
Blogger The Dude said...

yo jerry what up man?
even though im looking forward to my delhi return next weekend, im glad ive missed the whole wedding season madness...
heard all the details, and man it makes me glad that when i told my folks "pls dont put me thru this!" they said they didnt want to go thru it either and that i should elope or have a court weddin or somethin and come back only for a small reception so people dont get pissed off (society!bah!)... who knows whatll happen, but im glad to have the option =D
cheers man, and dont stress dude, s'all good and when i get back ill fry the wwinter blues outta you guys - BBQ seasons open boys!

4:21 PM, December 15, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

m: Can you believe from the papers, warning everyone of the traffic. Crazy!

FCM: Naa don't you worry, marriage ain't happening very soon. Besides mrriages embarass me, don't even visit hem. But thanks for the correction, will get my calculations all over again. ;)

priya: you mean marriage? naa far from it...

the dude: that's hilarious man! will do something on the same lines, if and whenever. shall wait man, cheers!

6:50 PM, December 15, 2006  
Blogger Devilled said...

If you think Delhi roads are bad, have you seen Bombay roads?!

12:02 AM, December 17, 2006  

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