Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And sometimes you're in the midst of things -- and suddenly you aren't. Like I've been buggered with work all day -- I have even got fuckin classes -- and now we know the channel launches. Everyone seems hassled -- most of them realise they're being repositioned in a disadvantageous way -- and sort of dealt in a pathetic way. Frankly I've got nothing, so nothing really to lose.
But just been low on that whole account -- you're with a project from the rough start, and then you start to feel insignificant in a sort of way.
But then it's okay I guess, I just have to sort out my stuff. NF's out of town to cover some women's hockey -- Eye's been shifted to sports, and that's sort of sad for me, but I guess it gives her a lot to do. Russled seems to be a bit low, but then why's that always surprising. The rest are usually themselves -- we're all drifting, waiting for someone to come around and to turn it all around.
So my shifts are 12 hours long, and I guess drinking (whenever I can) is just a desperate plead to claim life.
I don't wish to cut a sorry figure, but well what do I care, I gotta a good crib. Besides nothing's really been up. I have nothing possible to ridicule -- and if I start talking about work in a negative sort of way. It just won't be cool.


Blogger Tigertales said...

Jerry. Cheer up. And always believe Big Brother's watching (and reading). N

6:50 PM, March 28, 2008  
Blogger Namita said...

Don't know where the hell Tiger Tales popped up from!

6:52 PM, March 28, 2008  

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