Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's 6 in the morning, a completely unnecessary time for any blogger to write. So what am I doing here? Well for me -- it's actually sometime around late evening. I'm back on night shifts, and this time my company has decided to screw me over with two weeks of it. Not cute.
So what has life been? Life's been sleep through day, I brush some 4 times, counting all the times I wake up to have something to eat, and when I find myself back to bed, I lay visuals over my mental tv. Ensuring there are no jump shots, no incoherency, and the eternal wait for conscience to slip under the playground of oblivion. Sometimes I let a nice beer help.
Work's been crazier. It's a complete madhouse, we still lose people everyday. Some give up, some get fired. It's a real war, both sides seem to be losing. And I seem to be sitting right through it.
Shitty if you ask me. And NF still thinks I shouldn't leave this rut. Bah! But why shouldn't I? I get practically mothered here, day in day out. My role is nothing really significant here. I'm not particularly contributing anything editorial here -- I've proven my potential to so many just-left bosses that I'm honestly bored of doing it again. I know that sort of kills the whole opportunity thing and that you work for the larger good, but I guess right now just let it get stuck in your asshole of reasoning. Besides I learn that the only two people who actually fancy me in the rut is a loony woman who talks too much and has an attention problem and the in-house fag who makes them look like fairy's on screen.
But I don't know the way out. I can't haggle for a decent post because I can never seem to do that. It's sort of a pride sort of a thing. But tv's like that, they don't really give a fuck about you. You just make friends more easily because you find 3 or 4 common thinking fellows who crib with you on the same lines. Then after a while you're a bit sick of them.
But that's aside the point.
Right now if it weren't for chocolates and black coffee, I'd be spinning and fuming, writing a wicked post that you would choose to ignore. But then when was the sentiment last changed. It's boring ok. Everything. Just look at Friends -- my theory of life just gets affirmed!
I need a way out. An end to misery and all her 7 sisters...


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