Monday, April 14, 2008

Wicked. The channel's on Tata today. Got back, spotted a wrong headline, heard Eye's VO, and didn't have the heart to call back office again to correct another miss. Which doesn't go to show how incredible my love for the rut is. But what can I say --for the time being, I really don't see a change.
So 5.30 in the morning it is before I get a 2 day off, for being patient and not seeing home for a good month. Nothing is really right, nothing wants to be so. I miss basic life, basic time to meet some devotchkas, slurp fancy cocktails with em and the forever lookout.
But then that's that. Thinkin of makin some switches -- open some stitches. I don't think I'll be ever to tell. Maybe the truth's slipped. And if that's so, then it shows how pathetic it really is. Which says it isn't what the dream really said. And then like all smiles, and all smokes, the morning distress clears meaning for another labyrinth.

(if you're seeing some basic typos here, please message 8888 and you'll recieve something or the other to waste your time)

(no i'm really sorry, not been minding that, hope you get the point)


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