Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You know the few things that should perhaps never happen to someone when they walk into office is? No. Well, it's April Fool's Day -- and here's how it got better out of me. The trouble is that unlike all 'big deals' that are meant to hit me, here I was on the verge of writing the sorriest story you never wanted to hear, but got to hear anyway.
So I walk into office, and the first person I meet is NF. Now on very ordinary days, just this bit, would make my day. Seriously . But this besides the point, and I besides have to sound quite upset with her.
Now she says that Eye is extremely pissed off with me. (Which is crazy!) She's pissed off with me because someone said something to her regarding me. (Which is crazy! There are always people in office who believe they actually believe they would be better off in a marriage bureau!) She's pissed off with me because I had said something about Eye that she got to hear and she's pissed off! (Which is crazy and ridiculous!) So I'm looking for Russled because only he can talk shit -- and he's good at it -- and he has said something that really wasn't meant to be said.
But the guy seems to be preoccupied with work, for a change, and I feel like strangling him for this.
Meanwhile, I'm shooting off messages, and Eye seems to be quite dismissive about the whole thing. While I'm chnating in my mind - I've lost a friend.
I miss lunch, smoke a couple of smokes. Wondering what's it going to be then, eh?
When I get a message by Eye who says 'come out'. While I'm trying to hurry it up, thinking of all the ways I can possibly apologise, and beg for forgiveness and approval -- I am told that I was suckered in -- and it's the historic Fool Day.
Russled had been pulled on a similar one -- and he's standing there looking as sheepish and stupid as I am. We have a couple of smoke -- have lunch -- and here I decide to tell you this.


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