Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm back home. Folks called me back. I'll stay another day, cause I got nothing to really head back to work in a hurry for. They put me on morning now. The last few days were tough -- sleep was bare. In a strange turn of events, I was reporting a bit. Which was good -- cause I got to meet a whole lot of fellas I hadn't met for a really long time. Besides seeing my face on tv was fun (not when I fucked up, but the whole 'hey, look at me, I'm on tv bit.'
But things caught up. Work was some 15 hours -- but I guess I managed. I'm sort of tired at the moment, it's around 1. But I'll keep up for a bit, it'll take a bit to get used to daylight, and well that's what I plan.
Watched a cool movie, that my dad who had been talkin a long time back found for me -Vanishing Point. It's totally 70s, but you if you can download or something. You might like it. It's about an ex-racer driving across the American desert, when the cops get after him. The movie ends in a strange way. It's sort of cool the way it does -- a little existentialist.
Lately Percious and I have been playing a little game. It's truth and tell. Basically you get to ask the other person a question that requires some honesty. We were getting good at it -- and it makes me realise that how many times in your life, you actually want to ask a person you know. But never get down to it cause you know the answer won't be straight. And then imagine if you once in a while ask and you gt a straight answer. The game's not about lying, it's odd but important questions, and you get a drive home answer.
So Precious learnt my little secret. But you know, starngely, it felt good tellin her. Originally, this blog was meant to be a space like that. But I sold it. You see I'm the guy who sold his soul to the devil, who was basically a joker playing on the highway. So it goes as Kurt Vonnegut says.


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