Friday, August 11, 2006

About the princess of style

This was a bit sad, and since the princess is someone I was awed over since the day she arrived. It was, and I miss her sometimes know when things are slow. For one, she was pragmatic and was earnest about her doings. Two, she gave everyone that space and liked all to begin with and depended upon time to dictate. One year together, I'd hang around with her often. I had my stories to tell her, and I would sit to down o relate with hers. Hers was a different one, one that I was exposed to little -- my work slightly centred around it -- but then she had her keen perspective over things that were curiously trivial but at the same time interesting. I also pushed a few books for her to read.
I greatly respected her, you know. I knew she wasn't the kind of person who you could mess around with much (in the sense, be stupid). Though for quite somewhile there were jokes about us being paired, and I entertained it humoursly. But only as a mild joke. She once warned me about not taking it seriously; it could hurt me, and I drew away from it knowing that there's a line between fun and being an asshole. I knew which side I was tripping towards.
But I was upset.
Then the friendship thickened, cause we at a place where very less there were people that you could chill with at the same time there were so many. We'd begun talking a lot till the time she revealed the troublesome time she was going through.
Naturally, it was hard for me to understand. Cause it involved people I thought were genuine. Things turned nasty, I was also being labeled as 'political'. Being a friend of the weaker instead of the you-know-who's. And being a public school product, decided that whatever may I would be friends with friends, and if foes be decided. Then it shall be decided.
The war raged by the time had to go for a short while. I believe it took nasty turns, but when I came back I knew I had lost something. It was the princess of style. She had been beaten, bruised and humiliated. I couldn't do much. But grew more frightened. Today its a thing of the past, for her. But I miss her around. Also scared, people are different. It takes a toll for me to walk around much. You know


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