Friday, August 18, 2006

Night tripper

My editor called to attend the Jaswant Singh's book release Travel To Transoxiana. Just like the ole' times in city, she wanted me to cover it and that seem feeling of over-whelming encouragement and trust that she so carefully imparts was put on me again. Although the book has nothing to do with an iota of controversy, and this one being much more tame. I was actually meant to snoop for pesky politicians who would be there and find the workings of a political book release. I was meant to run back to office and file the story for the edition that you see in the morning.
But it so happened the neither Singh could turn nor the brigade of politicians, you see for the first time our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was talking. When I say talking, I would prefer to imply it as rhetorically as possible. The nuclear debate has been on for quite some while, and this time the PM made everyone listen to what he had to say and naturally made them shut-up.
So while no one was there, I met up with the Picador friend who had come to attend. Discussing whatever has happened so far in the book grapevine, what will happen and what will never happen. The usual authors were there like always: Anurag Mathur, Ruskin Bond etc. To whom I either spoke for a bit or nodded in respect. Then I went and introduced myself to my country cousins (Singh's two sons), exchanged the khamas and kept up with my Rajput tradition.
And headed straight for the bar. My friends were there, bumped into the Queen of Blogs. This was the first time I was meeting her after starting my blog. She had already been through it, and was quite upset with the way I treated my punctuations. Then she was upset with me for not coming for her party. But after a cigarette and a few quick swigs of alcohol, things were retained to being pleasant again.The evening ended in a respectable fashion. Had coffee at the Barista in Def Col with Little Sam and his intelligent friends. Went to my friends place. Smoked a cigarette. Read my 1984, and was swept into the world of blissful dreams.


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