Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Yes, quite right. Its 15th August, a national damn holiday, when the whole wide country is asked to rest it self. Think about all those people who lost their lives fighting the British forces, leaving us with a loose term called independence.
It was a struggle, I believe. That went on for longer than a century. There are people in Delhi, I mean elderly folks, who say they saw the century folding and for them its a day to be proud of.
But you know what, I think people today have lost in on the meaning of what this days about. Take me for isntance, apart for it to be a holiday for others and a working day for me. I can't even see the relevance of it.
But the question of the day: are we Indian enough? You know as Thomas Friedman says the World is Flat, and globalisation has leveled the world. There is only a shadow line, as Amitav Ghosh would say, that divides us from other countries and cultures. Is there something apart from a forgotten language, and a damn culture that we no longer abide honestly, we left with?
Today its fashionable to acquire a penchant for other cultures. It happened somewhile back a lot. The Beatles and a whole lot of 'believers' came to our country to find 'spirituality', and found that the green grass on the other side is hell lot sweeter.
You find a whole lot of Harry-Krishnas even today in some parts of the pot-stations of the country; Goa, Manali... sporting the kurtas and smudging the myths with the cloth to wipe their chillums.
And while the devil wears the Prada, a whole lot of people, I know, have identified the seduction of brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bvalgari, and names like such quite vulgarly. So where's the Indian-Indianess that we so extravagantly explore. I know a whole lot of beautiful people that've stepped across to the other side of the sea. And continue procliaming view so loudly about what they've left behind, sulkily. Broadening perspectives from news agencies about Indian politics, terrorism and poverty that we Indians can't seem to do without day-in day-out. And they believe they're Indians, heck no apart from a blood test.
So my office is all quiet now, I guess the good people are spending their honest time a lot longer with people in their homes who have a good holiday.
Tuesdays, I suppose, are just as bad as Monday, wouldn't you agree? Oh yes freedom, now I think I'll find that in the much-in-news Coke botle.


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