Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The life and the times

A story of mine got printed yesterday, one of those early in the week ones. found it on damn page-13, which I'm sure everyone missed. It was on Jaswant Singh's new book. Nothing that great, its quite a silly book, more autobiographical, this time on his visits to Central Asia. The mole saga is being forgotten, life for politicians can run back to normal very soon, well unless they intend to make a anthill of it again and get back on the headlines.
The country's preparing for serious bomb threats that have been floating around town, my brother in Bombay told me that they found one in some peppy mall. But they difused it long before it banged. There are a serious bunch of assholes wanting to bomb the country. I just don't see there point at all.
Anyway, was at Khan Market today. Actually to find if what I had written on the market (which I still haven't recieved the payment for) was there. I saw shit loads of pictures, and in one store found the article. I tried to locate the author Dominick Dunne, in the bookstores. Store owners were more curious than I had expected.
Shuttled back to office, dying for a cup of coffee. And this marvelously hot day to begin its trial on me.


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