Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sad rings of Jupiter

As you can observe, life is unapologetically pathetic. I mean, it seems like we're zombies strung by a few threads of shitty morals. Does it make sense to go and on, just imagine yourself sitting on a sofa watching a movie on someone's life which is about you. I mean you would think its rubbish. Something which makes no sense at all.
From the moment when you open your eyes after an Eternal-Sunshine-On-A-Spotless-Mind sort-of-a-thing, and before you sip your tea and read the papers. Does it make sense to be a part of an unruly established and mishandled existence called life.
No, no that's definitely what its not meant to be. I mean aren't things supposed to be all good. Clear and pure. Where there's not even a single reason to be dismay. look at it, all Eve wanted to do was eat the forbidden fruit. Now why would somebody like God send ole' Raphael down and say not to touch it.
Suppose you're in this room, and you feel like drinkin' some alcohol and then somebody send you a message saying 'Dude, just don't drink the White Russian Drink something else'.
And of course, the room has a dipsomaniac's wet dream coming true bar, with all sorts of stuff you could try (maybe absinthe). But once you've been warned, the curiosity is bound to spark. If that friend didn't warn me, I would've just sat there and drunk a Guinness. Without much hassle. Come to think of it, it doesn't make point.
And if Christian Theology is to believed, then that's the first moment when you're being questioned at a stage when you aren't meant to be thinkin rationally at all. Come back a billion fuckin centuries, when we are nicely programmed and monitored. And somebody makes you curious, we'll make the same damn mistake as before.
There you have it. Life.


Blogger all meshed up said...

Life is unapologetic, no doubt bout that. But walkin around with shitty morals is what makes it pathetic. If ure strung by ‘shit’, no wonder u feel like a zombie. Personally, even though I find the Christian theological part a bunch of bullcrap, I still get eve’s dire need to bite into that fruit. Guess you can only do the sauntering-through-pointless-oblivion part so much. That’s when curiosity turns into need. MY POINT- things rnt supposed to be good and clear, that’s our job. And at the end of it all IF its been good enuff fr u to wish ude have teevoed it (to sit on that sofa and…bleah, u kno what I mean) then it doesn’t matter if it was a slip or something that just had to be done.

P.S: ……now there you have it. Life.

9:16 PM, August 12, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

Hey, but you know what. I was just havin one of those questioning days. In fact, its quite easier understood that life is intricate. I suppose that's what makes it go round as opposed to otherwise. Damn, its strange but hell we're living I suppose.

12:07 AM, August 13, 2006  

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