Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh it was pretty cool, the launch that is. Just like I had mentioned earlier the page-3 frat were all there with the likes of Suhel Seth (need I say more). He was calling me a tiger, for some reason. Bumped into the usual community with Jabberwock, Andy, Ruchir, Ravi Singh, Lil' Sam and his Frontline friend Annie, Mr Rock n' Roll Circus couldn't turn up at the last minute. Don't know where the others disappeared.
Met Chandra as well. He seemed like a nice chilled out guy. Damn spoke to him about Mayo, I really couldn't help it. Ruchir kept on shouting 'Go Mayo', and when you're three wines down you end up repeating a lot of things. But all went good. Met a chick from Express who I thought was quite hot, she was hanging out with Chatterati-express.
His reading went out quite fine. Jabberwock was explaining me the knitty-gritties of the book. Where it looped, and where it swung. A whole lot of other people were there, some boring assholes midst with our drunken lot.
Miss Trip left soon with her TV crew and her byte. She usually can be fun, but I suppose work can really turn people into a bit dry. But I've noticed everytime she says CNN-IBN, her voice turns really sharp. Heh, but she's like my good friend.
Got to chill with Ravi and Meru at the end, like the good old times and the innumerable book launches that I've spent with them. Life was turning out quite cool. Ravi was surprisingly very good about reading one of my short stories, he seemed so cool about the fact with that of course-I-will-go-through-it look, things turned even better. More than the launch, I'm sorry to say, all the arbitrary things were of great consequence. Well till it was time to go home. Work is as usual okay, workin' on a story. The office suck-up is hangin out drinkin tea with the office talk-crap lot. He fits so perfectly with them, sometimes I wish he just hangs out there. The other two haven't turned up


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