Saturday, August 19, 2006

Okay, all's swell. It really is. Its more since the office suck up isn't here, the woman who talks a lot is sittin quitely in her place playing the card game. The next department, Sunday are working hard.
I'm doing my usual google around. Visiting those pathetic hi5 and orkut sites, wondering why the fuck would one ever want to be in there. I mean, I know I've bumped into some pretty looking chicks. Met up with people, I wouldn't have got in touch with and nor that I would intend to. But whatever said and done, the idea sells brilliantly.
I know quite a few people who like to orkut and hi5, to network. Guess it just keeps your friends intact, like a schoolgirl's diary you never made. Back there in primary school there used to these kids that used to have these 'slam-books', perhaps thats were these people conceptualised it all.
Nothing much now.


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