Thursday, August 24, 2006

The past two days have been hectic. I've been chasing after two stories, nothing that great or anything like that. But they have to be done. The office suck-up is the reason why I've been getting a headache. He loves to explore details in other peoples story. Minor darn details that relate to no great consequence. Sometimes he's so hell-bent upon figuring out these details that he gets carried away. Like 'so whose this guy's mother?' or 'what did she do ten years back' and so on and on 'are yous sure she was born in Delhi grw up in to Bombay did her post graduation in UK and is now back in Delhi?'. By this time, you've lost all interest in the piece and you're hell bent upon quitting journalism. I just clutch my head in despair and head for a coffee, smoke and some fuckin' relief.
Last evening was cool, the chef (my childhood school friend) invited me over. Had a couple of spliffs chugged a few beers and was toasted for several hours. Met a whole lot of people, some who I have never met for more than 10 years. People change, like greatly.
Then I slipped away from the scene, fled to the corner where the chef's younger sister were chilling. It was all good. It was better cause I was told that the minute, I left the schoolmates from the balcony (I was now in a AC room), there was a fight which broke down. Something that is not that unimaginable, if you hang about in the circles of Delhiites.
Crazy shit, hit the sack around 4. After listening to Floyd, talking to a extremely sweet looking and well mannered girl and the rest of them. There was a jackass as well sittin in the room - people called him 'cow' for some reason - who cracked these cliches and tried his best to look as philosophical as possible and muttered Ayn Rand's words 'Who is John Gal' some shit. The sucker kept going on and on, but then a spliff shut him up. Last thing I heard him say was around 3 in the morning muttering about leaving home. But he crashed out near the steps.
There was another mad fucker who was playing music videos on the computer till about 6 am, in the room below. The others looked as though they were looking for a fight. Cursing cause they thought it was cool. Quite pathetic.
But I chilled, I had good company.
The dame next to me, in office, is right now blabbering away on the phone and that's worsening the view that I'm getting from here. People are around and stupid


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