Friday, September 01, 2006

The party that we all know that happens

It’s not bad, I'm learning it seems. A senior schoolmate of mine called me over last evening for his house warming plus his younger bro's birthday party. The kid was turning 18, so it was a pretty huge affair for the family. Most importantly, there was beer as well and I had reasons to go.
So I went there really because I've been on a trip of going to every party these days, to seek new and unfound adventures, I’m keen to try once.(I have to write something here everyday, geddit?)
What surprised me as I walked in was to see these kid juniors of mine holding cigarettes like Paris Hilton would perhaps hold the leash of her poodle, with her palm facing above her right shoulder. What more, these guys were downing whisky shots for some reason without a second of halt. Something about them made me think a lot, I knew there was something wrong. It wasn't the fact they were drinking, these days, kids are experimenting and why should I put on that holier-than-thou look. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that the art of 'peace drinking' was declining, I suppose it’s perishing with these kids hanging around.
One junior came running to me with his phone behind his back asking me where should he be exactly if he was on his way from the airport to noida. I took pity on the fibbing prick, who was talking to his concerned daddy, and I told him one convenient place in between. It goes without mentioning that this guy is beyond gentle words a dumb fuck, he tells his dad that he is crossing the DT Mall. Now respectable folks of Delhi know that there is no way, one would ever cross the malls to reach the other way to town. His dad muttered some quick abused to him, and his face looked as though, he was in big shit.
Anyway, there were these two chicks who were hanging around together and attracting these kids a lot. One was a chick was those singer kinds. She would cock her head and sing some of the lousiest Hindi songs I’ve heard. The one’s I wouldn’t even listen to on a auto, in desperate times. The other chick, made me look the other way and shake my head in disapproval. She was very dark (which is besides the point) she was wearing a extremely low low-neck, that pushed her tits right out to the kids faces and spoke as though someone returning from America picks up an English accent.
I headed downstairs, with a couple of beers humming in my mind. There was The Doors playing, and I thought to myself. If I have to get pasted, I might as well do it with style. A couple of minutes more the rain began pouring and every one of those dorks came down from the terrace. By then vodka appeared from nowhere, and was downed by every burning neck in that claustro room.
Some wise guy said it’s twelve, so the birthday boy had to get his bumps on the raining terrace. Beer was being sprayed above, the kids were now dismayed that the girl who was singing had stopped cause she was worried that the rain may spoil her voice. The dark girl looked worse because she was wet to the bone.
The birthday kid was pissed out of his mind. Somebody broke a cake fight, and most of them were caked. The kids mother walked up that second, he saw his mom and fell a few steps. His mother half-amused asked him what’s happening. Sheepishly he replied, someone’s smashed cake and she wittingly replied I think you’re smashed.
The moment his mother was about to step down, the kid’s best friend came running behind him and splashed a cake on his face shouting, MOTHERFUCKER’. The kid’s mom left her son to enjoy his 18th birthday, with an I-will-see-you-tomorrow look.
There was one cute chick, and believe me she was he only one. She lost interest in me the moment she knew I was a journalist and I lost interest in her the second she told me, she knew the music critic in city. But I think more than that, she was amused with my performance of taking people’s trip. She passed a good smile, a sympathetic one to be honest.Almost everyone I knew around was hammered well by the end; there was also this slush of rain, cake and beer on the ground. But despite everything, I felt the whole trip was educating. You can blame it on the alcohol.


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