Saturday, August 26, 2006

Confessions from the dark street under a burnt lamp

The truth like all its strands is that its neither clear and never simple. But whatever it maybe, I'm a loser when it comes to committments. I've lost some of the best people I've known because of this weakness. Now I know that most people who read this page know who I am but I'd like not to believe this information. And even if it is so, let this be known. I know that my blog may not be that cool, as whatever cool can possibly be.
But anyway, like I was saying this is very true. The realisation draws when I see them pack their suitcases and slam the door to the spotlighted stage of my life. And like most times, I don't give a flying fuck about them. But when I do, its terrible to bear the chaos. But that I suppose is the way it all is.
If I can point a finger and put an end to all this I suppose the problem was sowed back in those days when I was in a boarding school. If I ever learnt do something so artistically, it was to destruct every form of distance based relationship. There were many people to keep in touch, folks, girlfriends in the girlfriends in the other school and friends from around. But I suppose I did everything to break all form of establishment and decided it was cooler to live in my mind.
The emptiness now distracts me, although I have so much to look ahead. As all aunties and uncles love to say. I'm not sure about that, its just a matter of odds.


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