Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well, things get hectic. Pages have started rolling -- and I'm back to ol' Quark. Everything seems pretty decent for the time being. Sometimes a little boring. The net keeps slow -- an old print office problem. But gets you to do your basic work. I keep myself removed, from the usual shit and get over work.
My Old Man's got my laptop -- he needed to do some work -- has kept me away from writing at home. Soon I shall have it back.
An old friend of my Old Man dropped a tv series -- you see these are his different set of friends. Since he's been working in a bookstore for the last 20 years or so, he has a handful of people who have been coming in for years. Now that they know that he sits there, they walk in, find their book, sit next to him, drink coffee, listen to music and talk about everything under the sun.
These friends are mainly well to do people -- but when they first walked in, they come in as readers sniffing for a good collection. Some of them are senior beauracrats, senior journalists, writers, thinkers, students (JNU?), and sometimes riff-raffs -- but they all have to be welcomed by him.
If he likes you, he lets himself break the rules -- he smiles at you, would even talk to you and help you around. In return, and over years of knowing him, this lot offers him their music collection from their hard drives, rips movies for him, point's him out to some gizmos that they have bought and so on.
I don't venture there often. I used to when I worked for the rag earlier on and I would head back home. But ever since I shifted out of the rut, and got my own place in Def, my route's basically northward in the city.
So this tv series is pretty cool, it's called Californication. They haven't aired here in India. Perhaps because of its content (good sex on it). Basically it's the star of X-files; he's an been a bestselling writer who chills around. His ex girlfriend with which he has a little girl is a rocker is about to marry some dickweed. He wants to sort himself out and get back with her (meanwhile he sorts of fs around) while his literary agents tries to get him to write around. It's pretty cool, somewhat a bit better than Enterourage. If you can rip ot.


Blogger Tigertales said...

Hi Jerry. Long long time. And so much is new for you too. Does the old man know you call him the old man? And I hope I'm not the old chick. I'll kill you, I swear.

5:19 PM, August 01, 2008  
Blogger jerry said...

Of course he does, it's from this song by Neil Young called 'Old Man'. I tease him with it. And no! You are not the old chick -- you're The Queen. :)

9:45 PM, August 01, 2008  

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