Friday, September 08, 2006

The day is busy, and is getting busier by the hour. Its been months since the edition has been launched, I've been here since the start. From what began as slight awkward time is now simply a routine. My pages have been cleared early, the next drift will come sometime later in the evening when the ads begin to shift.
Working in a newspaper house can be fun at times. People around you are fairly laidback, its only when they get after your ass, life turns unplesant. Otherwise, you see them Googling away, smoking ciagrettes, drinking tea, listening to music, gossiping and rarely some romance lights the huge hall.
In that way, city was more fun. Time could easily pass by and your work would get done. The senior editors wouldn't care that much about the paper anyway, unless of course some faux-pass or plugging appeared. The latter was more or else alien to me, fuck ups would happen all the time and you were used to hearing one panic call. But in general, everyone made a face when you told them that you worked there. Labelling you with the 'Page3' -- even if you wrote on art, culture, booze and books.
I remember one senior chick who was there, on our listing page, changed the President's name to APJ Kalam 'Azad'. The next day's meeting was bitter, she was on an off and I got my ass whipped cause I had contributed some small element to another column.
Like I've said before, I don't go there now like before. The Pirate is not around, he's joint the fancy mag Maxim, there are whole lot of new people and I figure I'm not really wanted there.
The main paper, is bloody huge. All sorts of bureaus, departments and beats -- the features are simple sometimes turned hectic life. Its tough adjusting if you've come from soft-features to hard-features, without a hardcore beat in the middle.
But life as a sub is good. The ed is sweet. The seniors are most of the time good, apart from the office suck up running around and spoiling the show. I get to read and be perspective as well.


Blogger moonstruck maniac said...

pirate has joined maxim,i thought he ahs gone to mirror

8:32 PM, September 11, 2006  

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