Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday Blues

A very good Monday morning to all of you. I hope you're doing well. Not feeling like chucking your jobs away, and going back to bad. Not feel low, but bright as a Saturday evening star. Cause I'm feeling fucking good. But you know what: I just wish my head wouldn't stop hurting and it would go away. I hate Mondays. I hate the fact that the office suck-up would get after me the moment I step in. Run me down, plant me with superfical work that wouldn't benifit KK but him and his ego.
Its such a nice rainy day. Aww man, saw Requiem for a Dream yesterday. It tripped me out. It was a great film, but scares the shit out of me. Its dark and expands the various addictions and brings about the death of it. Watched it actually cause the Sweet Lady had told me and insisted about it. I was curious, really. Worth the buck, definitely. Awwright, I'm off to fuckin' work.


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