Monday, September 11, 2006

Some of these are extremely depressing songs. They deal with drugs. Some of them heighten their psychotropic experience and some bitterly warn us about what we're plunging ourselves into. As a reporter, I've done some stories on dope in the city. To be honest, I don't sympathise with potheads. Not at all. They are extremely peaceful lot, they know their good times. Most of them are very close friends. Others I tremble in fear to think about. They are a young lot who visit raves, pop pills for a 'good time' and in little time they begin to whither. the difference between your neighbourhood pot head and a punk is cut across a fine line. Anyway, go through these songs. Some of them are so beatifully crafted, you may like them. Cheers...

Perfect Day: I heard this song in the movie Trainspotting. Mark Renton has a bad trip because of terrible smack and is seen sinking into the floor. The songs ends in an empathatic way, he lands in a hospital. The songs deals about drug withdrawl symptons. Its sad. I started listening to a lot of Lou Reed after this.

Codine: If you think Donovan is good and Sunshine Superman and Seasons of the Witch are his best, try this one out. It can be argued that Dylan sung this. The vocals are strong, as if pained with misery. The song warns the world about the misery about the drug. "Try it just once/and you'll try it again."

The Needle and the Damage Done: Sung by Neil Young, this one supposedly is based on Young's own experience of how his band member died because of Heroin. One of the brilliant line in the song is "Every junky is like a setting sun."

Heroin: Velvet Underground, Reed as the vocalist with Nico, sang this song taking on America. This one glorifies the use of Heroin. If you read the lyrics you will understand how simply wonderful it maybe (but then you remember Requiem... right?) Its painful, the music is strong and the song just doesn't end.

White Rabbit: In a period called of "Summer of love," when drugs were just a bet of mind. Jefferson Airplane, great influenced with Lewis Carrol's work, interpretted the song with a drug influence. The song is not that long. It’s very trippy and gives you a brief version of the text.

Tambourine Man: Everyone knows the song; well, all those who know Bob Dylan actually. The song is fun, and gives a poetic account of a man and his dealer. He joyfully narrates the incident with experiences that are surreal, and almost invites you into a world where the poet/singer dwells in.

Sister Morphine: Rolling Stones planted it in Sticky Fingers, apparently written and sung by Marianne Faithful as well. The song talks about an OD, and the problem is given light. Everything is blurry; he's dragged into a hospital. In the middle there's a reference to "Sweet Cousin Cocaine."

Across the Universe: Written by the Beatles in India on their trippiest White Album. You can see how the Maharishi has influences these fellows, the chorus is "Jai Guru Deva." The Beatles shortly escaped the compounds of Rishikesh, but the music is about a trip that is laced with spirituality. A very common chant for the 'Harry-Krishna' lot.

Comfortably Numb: Pink Floyd's The Wall was a brilliant concept album. So brilliant that Waters went mad after that and wanted to go solo. This song has become a cliché just like Hotel California and Roadhouse Blues. This song can be seen in million ways, the movie does give you a good glimpse. But it’s wonderfully done, and has a brilliant solo by Gilmour.


Blogger jerry said...

Again, okay. I know I've missed a lot.

2:18 PM, September 11, 2006  
Blogger moonstruck maniac said...

across the universe is just so trippy man, even the end in strawberry fields forver.

8:27 PM, September 11, 2006  
Blogger hedonistic hobo said...

there's a brilliant cover of strawberry fields by cyndi lauper. it's not trippy but it's deep and melancholic, the way i like it.

surprised you didn't add 'under the bridge' to the list.

the stones sang a lot about drugs, the one that cracks me up (no pun intended) is 'mother's little helper'.

5:13 PM, September 19, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

Under The Bridge, damn don't know how I missed that. Mothers Little Helper -- amazing. Easily songs like Brown Sugar could come. They're actually too many.

6:46 PM, September 19, 2006  

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