Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The murder on Hailey Road

I didn't tell you about it, so it might surprise you as much as it did to me. Recently, I've been in touch -- thanks to Orkut and Hi5 -- with some of my old school friends whom I had lost in touch for a good 10 years time. I had left the day school in Delhi to the boarding school in Ajmer.
Meeting them was great, I was also surprised to find that if I had got along with them when I was a kid I was still getting along with them the same way now. Nothing seems to have changed. apart from our views; so there was a time we liked to play table-tennis and hand-cricket and now we enjoy drinks and music. Some of them are good lot. I actually never expected to find them all together, apart from bumping into one of them somewhere some time.
Last Saturday night, Khumba invited me over to his place. I knew the gang was coming, even though I suspected that women would be very few. I reached Def Col to the Chef's place and headed early to his place.
The music started with Stones, the bridge was filled with chilled beer and on a balcony with decent seating arrangement everything seemed peaceful. People poured in, they were more faces and I slightly was taken aback to see how distorted childhood memories were.
But there wasone chick who had come with one puny dork, who actually flunked his twelfth and plays the drums in his DLF flat. The chick seemed interesting (since she was the only one), so I striked a conversation. We knew people in common. The moment she said she was studying Political Science and is studying in LSR, I grew more interested. Then she blew it all away, she said, she believed in Communists. So I asked her quite gently whether she had read Orwell, and what she thought of it. She mumbled something, so I gave her an entire description of a theory. she fucked up with her point, so I chased another drink. Mumbling to myself of this pretentious chick.
Amongst the friends was Shiv Khanna. Amongst all these folks, he was the only one I had studied for in the same class. He was always brilliant in sports, good in studies and a polite guy. One knew that his folks had split, and he used to stay with his mom.
At the party, he hung around till the end and we all left together. Today, I get a call from the Chef telling me that the man who was murdered at Hailey Road was his father. He was stabbed several times, and Shiv and the chef found him lying there.
It was sad to know.


Blogger hedonistic hobo said...

why are you so condescending towards communists? the child, the girl you wrote about seemed pretentious nonetheless but trust me Marx's theory is bigger than communism. i'll explain sometime. personally i'm not a big fan of communist ideals either, then again Marx never charterede that course of development for society, he only critiqued capitalistic development.
i'm still writing about Open Marxism. i should seriously go get laid.

ps- thanks for the comment

5:02 PM, September 19, 2006  
Blogger jerry said...

True, true. My problem is with the way some of these kids get wrongs ideas. They think Che means a rebel, Marx means the Reds policy you see today. Hey, I got nothing for Marx man. I respect his ideas. There's certainly a difference in the way communism has been brought up in history, Satlin for example, screwed up. Marx's theories are like your textbook (forver educating); the question is with the same format of a math theorem when do you actually apply trignometry in life. Cheers...

6:41 PM, September 19, 2006  

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